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Make something fun here...
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About Camp Fire Benefit Fund

Thanks for supporting the relief effort!

Your T-Shirt purchase helped us raise $4,376.67 for those effected. We also generated $1,200 in direct contributions through our Seattle Trail Partner, Lori Campion and another $850.00 through the grace of Greater Seattle Keller-Williams Real Estate Team.

$6,426.76 Total


Jake Early, Artist

Original. Handmade. Limited.

Craftsmanship is important to me. I print every color on every serigraph, one sheet at a time. I mix every color of ink for every print, by hand. I also built all my equipment by hand (see more details at ). I enjoy the process in creating my limited edition serigraphs, it's time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail, and it's exactly how I want it to be.

Jake on the Art:

This illustration is meant to honor the brave men and women who battled the catastrophic Camp Fire and to those whose lives changed forever as a result of this disaster. All proceeds will go directly to North Valley Community Foundation to help fire victims in Paradise, California and surrounding communities.

I lost everything in a fire in 1997, which destroyed my business (along with 4 others) and nearly all of my personal possessions as well. Fortunately no one was hurt, and only one structure was destroyed. However, the outpouring of generosity we received from the community back then was overwhelming and something I’ve never forgotten. I hope with this small gesture on my part, along with your support of the project, we can make a nice contribution to the fund and help our friends and neighbors who desperately need it right now.

Tom Little, JeepTrail Print
I've spent much of my life making other peoples art come to life in large business settings, mostly through production management and prototype development. Industries include Action Sports (Glissade Snowboards, Comet Skateboards), Display Fabrication (Gap/Levis et al) and finally Apparel (Fifth Sun).  My goal has been a return to DIY ethos while creating thoughtful designs and product through the screen printing experience. We are proudly a small "Artisan" shop but with the experience to develop and support larger program initiatives.

Tom on the Event:

Four days after the fire. Shell shocked and hiding in my house, I volunteered at an evacuation center cleaning bathrooms and sweeping while becoming numb to the devastation unfolding. I still can’t describe in words my feelings of fear and unknowing for the many people and friends that we either hadn’t heard from or had most likely lost everything.  Things got dark, literally and emotionally.

Then…seeing our amazing community rally and come together to help one another was nothing short of miracle by inspiration that I had never experienced. That inspiration led me to Jake who I had printed for earlier in the year. Jakes voice for our Butte Community lifestyle through art could hopefully speak where mine couldn’t. The Camp Fire affected our community greatly. My hope is that this campaign will be of service in rebuilding.

 Gracias to these fine folks who stepped up...

Jake Early for allowing JeepTrail to run with his amazing art.

Lori Campion for rallying the Northwest Street Team effort
Sesar Sanchez for moral compass, inspiration and superman of service status in the community (no matter what he’ll tell you). 
Katie Salcido for acting co-conspirator.
Alex Brown for one sheet work.
Travis Cespedes for Art/Store assistance
Abe Nesbit for cover slide photo.
Sizer for “Love” art publishing usage.
Steve Bragg and Shirts Required for backing us on printing.

And finally....ALL the First Responders, Community Members and Good Samaritans at large that have given so much.